Christmas Eve Dinner Ideas

Three Popular Christmas Eve Dinner Ideas

Whether you are a first timer or a seasoned professional, the party is not complete without some Christmas Eve dinner ideas that may satisfy your family.

Whether you’re planning to have a fancy dining room or will simply serve homemade food, there are plenty of options for those who know how to cook.

Buffets for Christmas are Traditional

Buffet cooking is one of the most popular meals throughout the world. A good buffet meal is wonderful because it is simple and economical.

Whether you would prefer to serve lunch or dinner, buffets make a great addition to any party.

Italian cuisine is one of the most classic cuisines. It’s a simple way to prepare delicious food at low cost.

The easiest way to prepare a buffet is by having guests bring their own appetizers and desserts.

Common items for your buffet are pasta dishes, breads, flatbreads, salads, pastries, sauces, breads, sweets, and desserts.

The dishes should be prepared in advance so that the food can be ready at the designated time.

As the main menu for your buffet dinner is short, you’ll have enough for appetizers and drinks.

Basic Christmas Dinners

Some dishes such as sardines with caviar are good as appetizers and don’t need much preparation.

There are also some basic dishes that need less preparation.

For instance, stuffed mushrooms and tomatoes are less expensive and can be prepared at home.

Instead of paying for a catering service, they can be prepared at home and served in under an hour.

Pasta Makes Great Christmas Dinners

Lasagna is another well-known traditional recipe. The classic Christmas Eve dinner recipe can be made in less than an hour.

The main ingredients are lasagna noodles, spinach, mushrooms,cream cheese, and herbs.

Although this may not be a traditional dish, lasagna is a tasty and fast way to prepare pasta and it is a favorite with children.

Pasta is also a common dish during Christmas Eve dinner.

Some popular homemade recipes include

  • pesto pasta,
  • eggplant parmesan,
  • marinara pasta,
  • spaghetti with meat sauce,
  • penne pasta,
  • macaroni and cheese,
  • and casserole.


No matter which recipe you choose, the dish should be ready at the designated time.

Italian dishes are very simple meals are always a hit. The simple meals are perfect for dinners and brunch for a couple of people.

The main ingredient for many Italian dishes is capicola or fresh tomatoes.

This is a very hot dish especially in hot summer months. And thanks to the quick preparation method, you can make capicola in under an hour.

Although many Italians have changed their cuisine, the basic ingredients for the traditional dish of “gruyere” are tomatoes, olives, salami, provolone cheese, oregano, and olive oil.

Nowadays, more restaurants are using all these traditional ingredients in their food.

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