When Does Disneyland Decorate for Christmas?

When Does Disneyland Decorate For Christmas?

When does Disneyland decorate for Christmas? Not much is actually known about the date of this event, although we do know it takes place in November.

when does Disneyland decorate for Christmas

Childhood memories of Disneyland at Christmastime

The first picture that comes to mind is probably one of my favorite scenes, which shows how much I love the world of Pink Christmas at Disneyland.

You see, I have been visiting Disneyland since I was five years old. I’m now almost 50.

This particular scene had to be taken when the holiday season was just about to start, so you can imagine how excited I was for the festivities!

At first, there were not many of the big festive trees, but now, Disneyland decorates for Christmas has become much more elaborate and extravagant.

Mickey heads the Christmas festivities

Mickey Mouse at night has turned into a lighted land, with colored lights shining from the ceiling and the walls.

This is probably because so many people come here during the day to see Mickey in his Happiest Place on Earth.

Mickey has turned into a street performer, taking a walk down Main Street at night and showing everyone how much he loves them.

He often takes the place of Santa Claus and gives out cookies to anyone who looks him in the eye.

But while Mickey is doing this, he is also singing his famous song “it’s a Small World After All”, which is the Disneyland version of a Christmas Carol.

Santa and his reindeer at Disneyland

Because the park itself is decorated for Christmas, you may have noticed the reindeer, reindeer hats, and Santa and his sleigh.

Also, these festivities are only for the adults, and for the kids, they have this old fashioned sleepover at the Kid’s Corner.

It’s definitely one of the most fun parts of Disneyland decorating for Christmas, as they try to mix up the usual details, and still keep the general spirit of this special occasion.

You can actually watch them do this in the movies, which I am pretty sure is why Mickey has become so popular, with his funny and lovely character.

Mickey, Mickey everywhere at Christmas!

But because they are Disney, Mickey has also become a very popular character in his own right.

So many toys and memorabilia now feature Mickey on the box, making him even more popular.

Mickey Mouse can even be seen in the ads for local businesses, such as the Little Tikes or even Jimmy Johns.

He is even an icon on the cover of many popular children’s books these days.

Disneyland street performers

And while street performers will definitely be a sight at Disneyland this year, especially during the half-hour period during the week before Thanksgiving, Mickey’s winter wonderland will surely be a delight for all of us.

Even the animals are decked out in their bright outfits and accessories.

If you have not already visited Disneyland, or you have not been there for a long time, go visit now.

You will definitely want to see for yourself how much the locals enjoy having the park decorated for Christmas.

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